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Modernize Your Enterprise

Thoughtful advice and expertise from an external point of view on modernizing your enterprise applications

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If your business doesn’t adapt, it fails…

Life is too short to be irrelevant

Competitive disruptors are taking business away from you. You are afraid of failing, of becoming irrelevant in your industry. You risk becoming irrelevant in your field.

It doesn’t have to be that way…

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Stop the path to irrelevancy

Become the disruptor

Modern applications, modern processes, and modern tools are required to avoid irrelevancy and disrupt your industry.

  • Scalable Applications

    Scale to meet your customer’s growing needs.
  • Agile Business

    Adapt quickly to compete and survive.
  • Satisfied Customers

    Meet customer’s new and growing expectations.
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I understand how hard transformation is to remain competitive.

I’ve Been There…and Survived

  • 33 Years Experience

    I have 33 years of relevant industry experience to backup recommendations.
  • Lead Major Distruptors

    I have lead disruptions at major industry disruptors such as, AWS, New Relic.
  • Thought Leader, Innovator

    I have helped companies in most major industries and has worked with hundreds of companies around the world, just like yours.

    I helped them, I can help you too.

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Path to Modernization

How can I help you in your modernization journey?

01. Evaluate...

I work with you and your staff and leadership team to evaluate your current tools, processes, and systems. I learn what works and what doesn’t work for you.

  • Review plans and processes
  • Interview staff
  • Talk with executives and leaders

02. Recommend...

I make recommendations for changes you can easily make in your organization, and I help create strategic plans to implement deeper and more impactful changes.

  • Provide an external POV
  • Based on personal experience
  • Directed, Specific, Actionable

03. Establish...

Based on your environment and systems, I recommend best practices that are industry tested and validated and that I have seen work successfully in other companies just like yours.

  • Service Tiers
  • Risk Matrices
  • Agile Methodologies
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Be the Disruptor

Many corporate leaders are facing stagnant revenue and unhappy staff. I advise leaders on how to modernize their environment to make customers happier and staff energized for growth and success.

Free e-Book

The Goldilocks Calculation

Not quite ready to work with me on a modernization project? That’s fine. Instead, why not take a look at some of my work? The Goldilocks Calculation is a free e-book I wrote that gives strategies for service sizing when building a services oriented application – and organization.

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Architecting for Scale

Read the newly updated second edition of my best selling book, Architecting for Scale, published by O’Reilly Media.

“I highly recommend this book for those looking for an entry point into the world of microservices and high availability cloud architectures. Several broad and complex topics are boiled down to their essence, presented clearly and concisely, and wrapped in well-reasoned best practices. This will be a mandatory read for my team.” –Dan, Customer Review

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What are people saying about Lee?

Caroline Salen

I love working with Lee: so talented, customer centric, always well prepared, collaborative and willing to go the extra mile to make our customers successful.

Caroline Salen

Global Director
Ken Gavranovic

Time and time again, I have seen Lee leapfrog companies’ transformation progress in a single thirty-minute meeting.

Ken Gavranovic

Greg Hampton

Lee is an outstanding Architect and Director / Manager. He has a passion for excellence that shows in his work and through the work of his team. On top of that he is able to led by example as his ability to develop is second to none.

Greg Hampton

CEO, Advisor
Bjorn Freeman-Benson

I urge you, in your journey as part of this exciting explosion of new systems and products and companies, to do the same: to learn from Lee in building your systems for scale.

Bjorn Freeman-Benson

CTO, VP Engineering